Monday, September 24, 2007

Isabelle's Birthday

Isabelle is officially three years old! We celebrated with a Dora themed party at the park! Nana was even able to join us for the special day! There were threats of storms, but we were happy to enjoy the park afterall! It was a great afternoon for the kids to play! It might look like a big production, but let me tell you this was one of the easiest parties I have ever put on! (KIM...I AM SERIOUS!!!) All we brought was cupcakes and the pinata and the kids were entertained at the park!!! I think the kids had a great time and I was able to enjoy it too! What a treat!

Isabelle enjoyed MANY presents. What a spoiled little princess!

Tanner wasn't impressed by the added entertainment by the Blue Angels!

We had a great spot to see some of the Blue Angels moves they were putting on at the air show...and we didn't even have to fight the crowds!

To top it all off, we ended the party with a pinata. It seemed like a nice idea until we, as parents, realized how disturbing it really was that we were handing the kids a giant stick to beat up Dora. It got quite crazy as her body began to separate from her head and it was literally hanging by a thread...
All was well at the end when they were showered with candy. That is, until I turned around and saw one of the "big kids" stomping on Dora's hollow head. Oh dear... the kids didn't seem to see the slightest wrong in doing this!

All in all it was a great time! Happy Birthday my baby girl! We love you!

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