Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One MONTH Old!!!

It is hard to believe how time is flying! Today, Isaac is one month old. It seems like we just brought him home. I feel like we should still be counting his time in days, not months! As much as it seems that we have just welcomed this new little man into our family, we also feel very much like he has been a part of our family forever! He is a perfect fit!

In this short time, Isaac has begun developing the most precious personality. He is generally very mild natured and relaxed. The only time he fusses is when he is really hungry or tired. He is still a mighty good little eater and is sleeping very well at night! Here is the best shot that I have gotten of he sweet smile. I love that he uses his entire face to smile!!! What joy!

Tonight's big accomplishment was giving Isaac his first real bath. Up to this point he has only had sponge baths. His belly button has finally healed and it was quite the family affair in the bathroom tonight. Nobody wanted to miss it! Daddy got the honors of giving Isaac his bath. He seemed to love it! (They both did, actually!) Isaac relaxed as Daddy poured warm water over him and gently washed him!

You can see that Daddy was being closely supervised. What you can't see is that Ian was sitting at the other end of the counter watching also. I promise Isaac is clean. If he wasn't, we sure would have heard about it from the little supervisors! Here is our clean little man! (Isabelle was the photographer for this one!) Isn't he a cute little fella?


The Schaper Scene said...

1 month!! WOW!! I definitely need to give you a call soon....I didn't realize time was flying by so quickly! Ha! I love those first "full face" smiles!!

Jilienne said...

Holy Monkey!!! I totally see Isabelle in him. I know that Mom said he looked like Ian when he was born, but those eyes and nose is all "my little fatty."

Love you... see you sooo soon.

Parys Jolly said...

WOW 1 month! He is so cute and you look awesome!!! Love ya Parys