Monday, May 4, 2009

Fun in the Sun

The weather has been pretty warm here lately. The kids have been excited about getting into the water. When we set up the sprinkler to water the yard, they immediately ran inside, put on their swimsuits and jumped right in! Isabelle was a little more timid initially, but ended up enjoying herself just as much as Ian did!

This next picture is a very accurate portrayal of what a goofy house we live in. David is always up to something and Ian is ever so eager to be just like his daddy. So, when David suggested that Ian should wear his helmet while running through the sprinkler, Ian didn't even hesitate. In fact, he thought that the light saber would only complement the overall look!

Oh...the goofy boys I live with!

I am sure this little man is dreaming of how he is going to entertain us in the future!

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