Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Okay...here goes! Let me start by saying that my house is by no means perfected yet. There is still a lot of painting to do and some organizing and decorating too. But we have all the boxes unpacked and I feel like that is a pretty good start considering they only arrived 10days ago! So here is where we are so far:

Ian's room was the first to be painted. He had his mind set on painting the walls black. For some strange reason, he is convinced that he has trouble sleeping. His thought was that black walls would make the room darker and he would sleep much better. However, I was not about to paint the walls black in my little boy's room...so we took him to the paint department our local home emprovement store (which has been a part of our daily routine for the last couple weeks!) and let him take a look through the paint colors. He was pretty indecisive, but I found this great color in the OOPS pile of paint and we got it for only $8!!! In person, it it a mix between grey and blue. Of course, Ian found a way to relate it to Transformers. He told us that it was in between the colors of Megatron and Starscream. He was happy with it. It dried a little bit more blue than we had anticipated, but it it a nice color for him! We still have to get his pictures hung up and we are on the search for a desk for his room. He needs a space to do homework and build legos. Until then, he is just happy to have all of his toys back!
Next was Isabelle's room. From the time we knew we were moving, she has been asking for a pink room and I was happy to oblige! It turned out pretty cute. I was trying to pick a more vibrant pink color, but she informed me that light pink would just be good. So we went with her request. What you can't see in this picture is the little Princess wording and tiara above her bed. It is really cute... that is if you are standing less than one foot away from her bed and you can see it. It isn't that it is small, it is just very fine writing and it is hard to see. So I have to figure that one out. But overall, her room is pretty cute and she loves it!
Their bathroom was completed this weekend. I found some great accessories in downtown Charleston and I think it turned out pretty cute. I still plan to paint in here, but it is a start.
So...more to come...promise!


Andrea said...

YAY!!!! I am SO glad you are back. The kids rooms are cute. I LOVE the bathroom....so so so adorable.
I've been checking your blog every day waiting for you to post. :)
CALL ME! (I have been wanting to call but I can't remember when Parys is going to be there and I don't want to interrupt) Glad to see things are going well. MISS YOU ALL!

Kim said...

I love it! Every little boy needs a transformer room; and Isabelle's room is certainly perfect for one little princess. I can't wait to see more pics.

The Schaper Scene said...

Just like Andrea, I have been waiting for you to post about your new home. I am so impressed at how quickly you have settled in. The rooms look great! Maybe someday we will get a tour of the house in person. Kylea asks almost everyday if we can go to South Cane-a-lina!