Thursday, July 24, 2008

Power Lab

Last week we had the opportunity to be involved with the VBS at our new/old church. We attended the same church when we lived here before, but now they have spread out to many campuses and we have one much closer to us. So it is in a new building, but it feels like the same church. We used to drive nearly 45 minutes each way to get to church.

This year's VBS was called Power Lab. The kids had a great time with science experiments, great music and all sorts of crafts and activities. I think the program was awesome! I volunteered throughout the week and David got to join us on the final night for the little program. Isabelle didn't hesitate to jump up on stage to lead the praise and worship for all the other kids. There were nearly 200 kids in attendance and so they didn't all go on stage, but a few were selected to join the leaders on stage to lead the songs. I don't think Isabelle was actually selected, but she didn't care. She is quite an entertainer! And yes, I am aware that her tshirt is about 20 sizes too big, but that was all they had left and she didn't mind. She prefers dresses!
I know this picture is dark, but I had to share it. After the entire program was done, I heard one of the leaders say that they had someone special that wanted to close us in prayer. I looked up to see none other than...ISABELLE...again. What a funny girl. Normally this little girl will pray FOR.EVER. But she suddenly suffered from a bit of stage fright. All she could get out was, "Dear Jesus, Thank you for our day. Amen" It was still pretty cute!

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