Friday, April 25, 2008

Spinning in Circles

Do you ever feel like you are spinning in circles? I DO! We found out we were moving about a month ago. We are now leaving in 6 weeks and it seems like there is so much to do! To top it all off, David is out to sea for the next month or so! He will get home just 2 weeks before we leave. Nice, huh?

It is true...the navy moves us. They come in, pack ALL of our stuff, move it to South Carolina, unload and even unpack whatever we ask them to. However, there is a lot of purging going on around this house! I have so much to get rid of and so much that I am just tired of moving.

How is it that one small family can accumulate so much STUFF???

It is helping that the kiddos are really transitioning from little kids into big kids. All the little kid toys are being passed on to others. All the closets are getting cleared out and everything is being carefully examined to see if it really needs to go with us.

This is the part that I love about moving. I am not the most organized person and I am the first to admit it! Moving is the one time that I feel like I get a good handle on what I have and where it needs to go. I love the fresh start that you get when you move. I love that we are moving into a brand new home that we don't have to worry about fixing someone else's mistakes! All of this I love...

However, some little things have started to creep in on me and make me a little bit sad. I realized that as much as I have looked forward to moving, we really have managed to enjoy ourselves here in VA. It has not been our favorite place in the world, but we definitely have made some life long friends! I know that we will see so many of our friends in the future. Whether we come up to see them or they venture down to see us or we just run into each other as time goes on in this small Navy world...I know we will be in touch.

It is still hard to let go.

On another hand I am excited about going somewhere where I don't have as many commitments. Where I don't have to run all over all the time trying to fulfill those commitments. I am excited to venture into new territories and make new friends, find new favorite places and explore a different chapter in our lives.

It is going to be a huge adjustment period for all of us! When we last lived in SC, we were newly married, Ian was a baby and we were just beginning our whole life together. I had just recently gotten out of the Navy and I quickly transitioned from a strong, independent young woman into a spoiled, dependant wife. I loved having someone that took out the trash, fixed my car and mowed the lawn. It was a bit of a shock to my system when we moved up here and David started working really long hours and was gone for weeks or even months at a time. I certainly rediscovered my Independence...I had no choice. I have learned to juggle kids and all the responsibilities therein as well as to be a strong, supportive, military wife! I have developed my systems and methods.

Now, we will have to readjust to having a husband and daddy at home more often. We will have to rework a lot of our routines and methods in order to include him more. We will have to be understanding to the fact that this is an adjustment for him too. Okay...I know, I keep saying "we" but I really mean "I"! The kids are more than thrilled to have Daddy around 24/7...anytime! It is me that needs that time to adjust. It is kinda like that first couple months of marriage where you find out all the annoying habits of your new spouse. When David is gone, I somehow manage to forget a lot of those things. I forget that he never manages to get his dirty laundry into the basket. I forget that he hogs all the covers. I forget that he likes to sing obnoxious songs at the top of his lungs no matter who is around and forgetting the fact that he is completely tone deaf! I am quickly reminded of them when he comes back home. And as much as those little things can drive me bonkers, I am so looking forward to us having some time to be a family. Time together, regularly. Time for him to coach a soccer team and to be at Christmas programs. Time to be involved at church and time to have lazy Saturdays together. JUST. TIME.

Until that time comes, however, I will continue spinning in circles!

We are almost there!


Jennifer said...

You'll get there. For us it actually didn't take too long to get used to having Brad around much more often. It helps that you'll be moving and all routines will by topsy turvy but you already knew that. I thought I'd have a harder time but that just wasn't the case (thank goodness!)

Have fun during the move and enjoy rediscovering Charlston!

Kim said...

Oh the joy of transitioning! You will be in our prayers for everything. Things will go far more smoothly than you can imagine. Now you'll just have to find some fun mommy-escape time to pamper yourself!!

By the way, I am pretty sure that you will find ways to become equally involved/busy in your new home. It's just who you are - soccer mom, PTSA mom, room mother, etc!!!

Just find some time to rest!