Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Panama City Beach

After the fun of house hunting in South Carolina, we continued our trip down to Florida. When we pulled into town it was simply beautiful outside. It was in the low 70s and the sun was shining.
However, when we woke the next morning prepared to spend a day on the beach, we found that a lovely cold front had moved on into the area. The high for the day was in the low 50s.
Let me just tell you that when the high is in the low 50s and a front is moving through, there are breezes (that sometimes feel like hurricane force winds) that not only make it a bit chilly to enjoy the beach, but they also send tiny grains of sand flying into your skin at alarming rates. It started to feel like that tingly feeling you get when your leg goes to sleep.
I continue to be amazed at the college age girls that were laying on the beach determined to enjoy their spring break in their bikinis. If this sand was irritating me while I was fully clothed, I can only imagine what they must have been enduring with 98% of their skin exposed to the elements!
The picture looks beautiful: What you might notice, however is the lack of people on the beach...
The kids (Haaley included) were determined to enjoy the beach. They dug in the sand and looked at the water, but all within the comforts of their jackets.
After a while, Haaley was determined to be in the water. Not all the way, but enough to say that she had done it. And Ian was quick to follow her. Isabelle walked near the water but was definitely not interested in being in it!
So, Haaley and Ian rolled up their pants and stepped into the chilly waters. But that didn't last long.
Pretty soon they went back to digging.

All in all they had a great time. It was us "old" people that had a hard time enjoying it.

Here is a picture of the contemplation over whether they should enter the water or not.

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thehomespunheart said...

I know this is a shame, but we were in Myrtle Beach all week last week staying in a hotel with beach access and we didn't even go down to the sand! It was too cold - got down in the 30's one night!