Monday, March 17, 2008

Why we shouldn't watch food network

I love to watch Food Network. I get great ideas and just love to hear other people's ideas for meals and cooking. But we should really stay away from that channel on the weekends!

They do those back to back specials on a certain food and pretty soon I am convinced that I need that food. Even if you don't like that food, you will want it by the time you are done watching!Jilienne, remember when we watched that one weekend all about donuts? Pretty soon we were on our way to Krispy Kreme!

Well. I made the mistake of turning to that channel yesterday afternoon. They were having a recipe challenge ALL. ABOUT. CAKE!!! I love cake! It is a weakness! It didn't take long for our mouths to start watering. David and I just looked at each other and next thing we knew we were in the kitchen making an amazing chocolate cake (from scratch) with homemade fudgy icing! All I can say is...YUM!

David was in charge of the icing...please note his artistic design on the plate. He was very proud!

And the kids? Well, let's just say they don't mind when we watch that channel. Turns out they rather enjoyed themselves!


The Schaper Scene said...

We LOVE watching the food network too! It's either Food network, HGTV, or DIY. I'm sure that Steve will approve of David's artistic Steve always says, "It's all about the presentation!"

Andrea said...

YUMMY! I better not watch that channel...I don't think it would be beneficial to my diet. :) Looks fab though. Are you getting excited for your mom to come???

Jennifer said...

Now that we changed companies & have a zillion channels I don't know what channel FN is on off the top of my head! Maybe it's a good thing... That cake looks fabulous (great job by the way!) Homemade cakes are the BEST aren't they?

Props to David for his artistic touch!

Kim said...

Now I remember why we don't have cable!! Judging by the kids' faces, the cake was scrumptious. Nice job Westlake chefs!

Anonymous said...

Do I remember that? Of course I do. The sad thing is that I have not seen an up and running KrispyKreme since London. Who would have thought that it would start here and end there? I lovce you all so, so much!!!