Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fashion Show

I have recently had a little extra sewing time. I got all caught up on my bag orders and decided to take advantage of some of the time by making some spring and summer outfits for Isabelle.

For those of you that don't know Isabelle, she is a princess in every way! She LOVES to wear dresses! Lucky for me, they are easier/quicker to make than the shorts, but I did do one shorts outfit for her too. I still have some more fabric to work with, so I am sure there will be more pics to come!

Presenting Isabelle:


The Schaper Scene said...

How cute!!! I love the first skirt.....actually, I love them all!! I was already wanting to sew some things for Kylea, but now you have me REALLY motivated. Kylea loved looking at Isabelle's "fashion show" pictures too!!

Andrea said...

LOVE IT! You've gotten alot done since I last saw you. Now you gotta work on those cute dresses for us!

Kim said...

Isabelle is a born model! She's destined for stardom! I love, love, love the outfits.

Jennifer said...

So cute!! Great sewing job!

Tara said...


She is so dang cute! Awesome job on the outfits--wish I could sew like that! But since I can't, maybe you would like to make something for Adison.... :)
We love and miss you guys tons.