Monday, November 5, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Halloween is a funny event for us...but never funnier than this year! Ian and Isabelle would love to live in costume. I don't mind it around the house. But, normally, I make them look like "normal children" when we leave the house. So Halloween is a fun time for them because not only do I encourage them to leave the house in costume, but I also let them ask strangers for candy! That is crazy to them. They must think I have lost my mind once a year! It isn't just me is every mom on the street! Wow!

Anyhow... this year we went over to the Morelands house to trick or treat with our best friends! We ate pizza and got dressed and ready for the fun! By the time we had the kids dressed and ready to walk out the door, the dads had all raided the costume trunk as well. You see, they are just as big (if not bigger) on wearing costumes at the Moreland house. The dads decided they were not going to be left out of the action this year! It is can say it! They look rediculous, but, for those of you that know these guys...they ARE rediculous!!! By the time we all left the house, all of us were wearing something. Debbie and I opted for Batman masks. I felt quite silly walking around the neighborhood like that. But after looking at these pictures, I am actually quite grateful that I did wear a mask. Maybe nobody will ever know that I belong to this crazy crowd! Just kidding! These are such special friends and I wouldn't trade them for any others!

Here are Isabelle the unicorn and Kolby the fireman! This is just another adorable picture to add to the slideshow at their wedding! Don't tell me you are against arranged marriages! Just look at them!

Here is the whole crew! Well, except for one that decided he was too cool for trick or treating! I don't know what he was thinking!!!

Here are those crazy dads I told you about! You can't see it, but David actually has Buzz Lightyear wings on over the bumble bee costume. You know bees shouldn't really be able to fly due to their body weight...but this is one determined bee. (He had to be determined to get that bee costume on too! I mean honestly! What normal adult would be able to get that costume over their shoulders...but then again, nobody ever said David was normal!)

And finally, here are the best buddies! Ian (a.k.a. Optimus Prime) and Jayden the indian!

Thanks Morelands and Eberles for sharing the night with us! It was a great time!

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