Thursday, November 8, 2007


I am not sure of a better word to describe my little girl! She has always been, and I am sure she will always be my independent child! She doesn't mind playing by herself. She likes to buckle herself into her carseat...which she has mastered quite well! She likes to accomplish things on her own!
So, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised this morning. I had given her a bath. I had washed her hair and left the bathroom to get a towel. I got her out of the tub, got her dressed and took her back to the bathroom to comb her hair. As I combed it, suds began to appear and it became quite evident that I had not rinsed her hair well enough...but I was sure that I had done a fine job. Then it dawned on me... I quickly asked her, "Isabelle, did you wash your hair by yourself?" To which she very proudly responded, "Yes! Now it is VERY clean!"

We rinsed her hair in the sink and wrapped it in a towel on top of her head...this little girl is growing up far too quickly!

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