Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Great Attempt (to catch you up)

Okay. Seriously.

I haven't forgotten about the blog. In fact, I have been reminded of it quite frequently (you know who you are).

However, life has taken me for a wild ride and while I wish I had all the time in the world to fill you all in on my many adventures...well, I don't. I am too busy trying to figure out how to be a house-cleaning, dinner-cooking, laundry-folding, homeschooling, breastfeeding, grocery shopping, taxi-driving, wife and supermom of three.

And while many of you out there that have been through this phase or are going through it now, might think I am just coming up with excuses...well, maybe you are right. But, I promise to try to do better about keeping you all filled in on our crazy lives! Thanks for hanging in there...

Stay tuned

(Now, if Blogger would just upload my pictures in a timely manner!)


Andrea said...

LOVE YOU and I will patiently wait for pictures. :)

Kristen said...

I hear ya.! I can't even remember the last time i got real pictures actually into a scrapbook...sadly i think it was before Wyatt was almost two years! No worries! Just keep making those visits up here!!

Gwyn said...

I will say that I waited a very long time before I got brave enought to ask about the blog!! Glad you enjoyed your visit with Gerard! He had a blast!

Publicidad Online said...

LOVE YOU and I will patiently wait for pictures