Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An Exciting Visit!

Way back in August (I told you I have a lot to catch up on!), I got a call from my cousin, Girard. He had just completed an Army National Guard school in GA and figured he would continue the drive to SC to pay us a visit! I was so excited! I hadn't seen him since 2004, when I was pregnant with Isabelle and he was still a goofy teenager...
So, it was wild when he showed up in my driveway wearing his Army uniform! Hello! Where did my little cousin go? He is now taller than I am, and so grown up! I have to say, I was darn proud to see him in that uniform! I think we all knew Girard would go into the military at some point! He is just meant to do it!

The kids didn't really know what to expect when I told them that he was going to come stay for a few days. As you can see below, however, Ian and Girard got along GREAT! (Here they are watching some "Nerd TV" show about Star Wars) Ian would have gladly shared his room for as long as Gerard would be willing to stay! We did a little bit of sight seeing (which I somehow didn't get any pictures of), took him to see the old air craft carrier here in town, took him on a submarine (we had to show him how the Navy lives!) and went bowling. Sometimes the food is just more exciting than the game, right? Girard even got his time in with Isaac. Isaac LOVED him! Girard looked a little stiff in the beginning: But, I assure you, it is all an act! He is great with the kids! And even though he may be taller than I am and be a little older than I remember him being, he was definitely still my little cousin that liked to goof around and have a great time! I am so glad that you came, Girard! We can't wait til we get to visit again! Thanks for making the drive out here!

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Andrea said...

OMG he kinda looks like David...and judging by the pictures he might act like David too...haha. Way to go on getting a post up. :)