Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Weekend Away

It is amazing how times change. When I first moved away from home, I usually made it home three or four times a year. It still wasn't bad even when Ian was born. I was still able to go home a few times a year...but as time has gone on and our family has grown, it has gotten more difficult to get home. When we do get to go to Colorado, it is usually a HUGE production due to travelling to a completely different climate with two kiddos in tow and a full day of traveling.

So, just imagine my excitement when I got to take a trip home last weekend. I hadn't been home in over a year...AND...I was traveling all by myself! David was so wonderful to offer to keep the kids for the whole weekend so that I could have a little "mommy getaway" before this new little guy joins the crew! With the help of some wonderful neighbors who helped while David was at work, the plans were set and I was off!!!

I was packed and ready! I made it through security without incident and let out a sigh of relief. It was immediately apparent how different this trip was to any others in my recent past. I had packed in a single suitcase, I had only one carry on to handle and it did not contain a ton of snacks or play dough or video games. This was a weekend that I had been looking forward to for so long...and here it was. I immediately delved into one of the books that I had brought to read. Reading is something that I long to do...but rarely find the time in my daily life! So this was a treat. My flights were fairly uneventful and I arrived in Denver late that night.

Our drive home from the airport was challenging due to a snow storm that was moving through, but the following morning was absolutely beautiful...I LOVE COLORADO!!!
My sister, Jilienne, drove into town that day and we were able to help Haaley and some of her friends get ready for their Valentine's dance that evening. Haaley is the one in the front center. It was so much fun to get to be a part of this since I live so far away. All of the girls looked so beautiful and they had a really great time!
Here is Haaley with her adorable date, Stephen. I still have a hard time believing that she is old enough to be going to a dance...let alone having a date!!!
Haaley, thank you for letting me be a part of your day! I am glad I was there!

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Andrea said...

So happy that you had a fabulous trip. We need to talk soon!