Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blog Police

I have been turned in to the Blog Police.

Apparently, when I started this blog, people expected that I would blog regularly...and I don't think that taking a month off of blogging (without prior approval) was part of my contractual obligation. (Not that I believe I would have been granted approval or signed a contract. I'm.just.saying.)

So, in order to avoid any further fines, fees, or whining phone calls or emails (you know who you are!) I will be updating the blog more regularly. Starting now (or whenever the kids allow it!)


Jilienne said...

All I'm saying is that you have never gone an entire month before. Oh and also that I cannot go on with my life w/o knowing what is going on in the Westlake World!! Ok, so maybe not everyday, but more than once a month would be great. I'm.. just.. sayin'!

Andrea said...

I'm with Jilienne!!!!