Saturday, September 6, 2008

All is well

To be honest, that was a ridiculous build-up for a storm that turned out to be nothing more than rain. It started around 5pm and rained into the night, but the wind wasn't bad and there wasn't any damage done.

I think the most dangerous part of this whole storm was going out in public the last couple of days. People were starting to panic and they weren't exactly friendly. Somehow they lost all of their driving skills and any sort of courteousness.

So, we are safe, drying out and we are prepared in case any of these other storms decide to head our way!

Have a great weekend!


thehomespunheart said...

Hey Kimberlee - I couldn't agree more! What a joke - so sorry we rescheduled for nothing! Hope you enjoy your day!

The Schaper Scene said...

We are thinking the exact same thing about what happened (or didn't happen) in our area too!

Anonymous said...

Us too. Still kind of windy and I got branches down, but that's it. So glad all is OK there too.

gwyn said...

Okay, I can understand that this "feels" like a waste or a joke; but alas the phrase was coined: better safe than sorry!!! Had you not prepared and the worst (or even just worse) had happened would you not have felt MORE foolish?? On my part, I was able to participate in triage for the Louisianna critical care patients that were shipped to Arkansas to be hospitalized in our facilities! I'm equally glad New Orleans was spared, but more glad they were better prepared!!!