Monday, June 2, 2008

Tuckered Out

So...I am a little behind on posting, but there is good reasoning!!!

In just 9 short days, movers will be entering our home and packing up all of our belongings!!! I have so much organizing and sorting and purging to do, it isn't even funny. Today was a fairly productive day in many ways and yet I somehow feel that I haven't made a dent in it!

Here is what my day looked like:
  • Get the kids breakfast
  • Take a shower
  • Talk to a friend on the phone
  • Schedule phone/Internet disconnect
  • Schedule water disconnect
  • Wait on hold FOR.EVER. for other random disconnects
  • Take Ian to school
  • Return some things to Kohl's (and buy a couple cute things too!)
  • Quick trip to Target
  • Home to get some lunch and make some more phone calls
  • David came home and we went to pick Ian up from school
  • Run to Low.e's to pick up all of the blinds for our new house (and found a cool rug for the living room too!)
  • Home for dinner
  • Get the kids in jammies
  • Convince Ian to spend some time reading
  • Put them to bed

I am fully aware that some of you might feel like you have accomplished way more than me today, but all I have to say to you is I am tired! I think much of this is far more emotionally draining than it is physically!

It is all starting to sink in that we are leaving good friends, great schools and the place we have raised our kiddos...But I just keep remembering that we going back to the place that David and I started our lives together, a place that we love, a church that we have missed tremendously and a job that is going to allow David to be much more a part of our lives!

So we press on...more phone calls to be made tomorrow...

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The Schaper Scene said...

9 days!?! Is time really going by that fast?? We are really going to miss all of you.