Monday, January 7, 2008


Anyone who has spent any time with Ian over the last year knows that he is absolutely obsessed with Transformers!

I couldn't help but snap these pics when we were at Garden of the Gods. Somehow he felt impowered when he reached the top and took on a Transformer-like personality. I was laughing so hard as I took these pictures of him striking all these poses! What a mess!

You can almost tell a story with these pictures:

I am OPTIMUS PRIME, leader of the Autobots! I fight for good and freedom! Anyone who comes against me shall be defeated!
AHHHH! The Decepticons are coming! Autobots, Roll out!
They can't take us!
The power of good shall always prevail!
Another victory! It is good to be a Transformer!

(Notice Isabelle is completely clueless that this battle just took place right next to her! Actually, I think she is wondering who her brother was yelling at!)


Andrea said...

Love the facial expressions. He cracks me up!

Kim said...

Look out world! He's a riot!