Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Grandma Pat

I have been truly blessed to know my Grandmothers so well as I have grown up. I hope that my children will know my mom as well as I have known my grandmothers.

As a child, I had the opportunity to live with my grandparents for a while. My grandma taught me so much in that short time.
Grandma's philosophy:
  • Cake is a perfectly reasonable choice for breakfast.
  • If there isn't a fresh cake made, a Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll will suffice.
  • Grenadine syrup makes every little girl's drink taste better.
  • When you enjoy your meal, the appropriate response is, "Good stuff Maynard!"
  • It is never too much work to have a full dinner for the family.

My time with her fills my heart with special memories. She taught me many of my cooking and baking skills. When my sister and I lived with her she would allow us to decorate any of the cakes that she made. She had a special jar of decorations that we could pick from. We usually covered the cake with every decoration. The cakes would be a mess of clowns, butterflies, ladybugs and more, but she always told us how wonderful it looked.

There was no project too big or too small. She helped us make May baskets to take to our neighbors on May Day and made clothes for us to wear on special occasions. She did the most intricate counted cross stitch pieces and crocheted ducks and chicks for the mantel during Easter. Her house always smelled of potpourri and fresh baked goodies. She made very intricate blankets for each of her 14 grandchildren. She sent a card for EVERY SINGLE occation. Every card that she sent had sticks of Juicy Fruit or Big Red taped to the inside.

Whenever she was lost, she just chose to believe that she was on an adventure. She was always ready for an adventure. That is, until she lost her traveling partner. Last year on April Fools Day, my grandfather and her husband of more than 50 years passed away. It was quite fitting that he passed on April Fools day being that he tended to be the family jester. His health had been deteriorating and it wasn't a big surprise, but she still struggled the fact that he didn't tell her goodbye. As the time passed since his death, she began to have her own health "adventures." She was unhappy with the situation and frustrated with her limited abilities. It was a shock to us all when we got the phone call that Grandma passed away on July 3rd. It is probably the way that she would have wanted it. No long drawn out goodbyes.

It was a blessing that all of her children and grandchildren and great grandchildren got to be in Kansas for her funeral. It was an occasion to remember as all of us shared a meal together in her home and watched the firework celebration that had been postponed on the 4th due to inclimate weather. I believe it to be God's handy work that we had a party with fireworks on the night we gathered to celebrate her life. She had always said that she wanted a celebration when she was gone. She didn't believe in all those tears and emotions. She always wanted everyone to have a great time!

I think my sister, Jilienne, hit it on the nose when she said Grandpa was probably going to be getting an ear full when they reunited. She wasn't going to let him get away without saying goodbye. We are all so happy that they get to continue their "adventure" together! We can't wait to meet you there!

We will miss you Grandma Pat!

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thehomespunheart said...

So sweet - I loved reading your memories of your Grandmother!